Clearer Communication

through practice, coaching and measurement

In partnership with an experienced consultant , the 60 Seconds mobile app provides tailored solutions to challenge, coach and drive measurable people improvement in these 3 areas.


Effective calls, improved coaching and accelerated capability.


A winning narrative, compliant messaging and visible confidence.

Medical Affairs

Persuasive communication, coaching culture and clinical fluency.

Lastest 60 Seconds Insights

Take a deep dive into sales performance!

If you have a fundamental belief that by developing the skills of salespeople you’ll drive sales then it’s imperative to step back and reflect on how to achieve the levels of accomplishment you’re looking for.
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Performance Analysis: A 360 View

While it’s possible to go as far as identifying the shortcomings in a salesperson’s performance or exploring how effectively a Sales Manager coaches their team, one key challenge remains and that’s putting the right plan in place to drive change and improve ongoing performance.
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Sales Flexibility

Recent experience is indicating that salespeople have gone from engaging with clients in person 90% of the time, to reaching them by telephone or video-conference 90% of the time.
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How The 60 Seconds App Works

60 Seconds works across healthcare, to support organisations in optimising customer engagement, through the development and delivery of consistent, clear and compelling messaging.