Case Studies

Sales Coaching

60 Seconds has been deployed to assist in sales coaching programmes globally. It is intended to bridge the gap between in-person coaching and provide the perfect environment for sales reps to improve their key messaging and objection handling with light touch coaching along the way. The app is specifically designed to be very simple to use and the dashboard with more nuanced functionality is fully supported by expert Customer Success Partners who are experienced sales coaches and understand all aspects of functionality.

Launch Excellence

It is oft’ noted that the first 12 months of a product’s life in the market is its most important. Having people who can confidently present the narrative of the product and handle, with empathy and panache, any issues raised by healthcare professionals, is a critical foundation stone for success. The 60 Seconds app was custom made to enhance your product launch to ensure all your people are on message, so you hit the ground running. Any updates to messaging are easily shared and practice and performance monitored in real time.

MSL Development

MSLs are critical product ambassadors. Their medical science knowledge places them uniquely to engage with industry leaders. We work extensively with politicians and the C-Suite, to help them present with punch. With a long history of coaching, 60 Seconds has developed comprehensive development programmes to help experienced professionals take their storytelling, persuasion and presentation skills to a whole new level, through a mixture of in-person workshops, webinars and follow-up coaching through the platform.

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“60 Seconds has really helped with fine tune the delivery of our campaign in two significant ways,

firstly the team really think about, and practice their delivery before they upload their videos. Secondly, when I have a great video, I can share it with the rest of the team so they can learn from each other in a way that is actually very difficult to do, unless via the 60 Seconds App.”

Steve Duckworth
Senior Director, Brand Management,
Europe Incyte.

“I am an advocate of the 60 Seconds app and its functions that encourage improved sales performance.

I’ve been particularly impressed with the level of tech support which has been integral to the successful introduction and integration with my team.

This experienced support enables a more effective user experience , both from a set-up and maintenance perspective. The 60 Seconds team have always provided helpful, timely support and additional coaching to ensure the app is maximised for greatest potential.”

Louise Warner
NSW Sales Manager
Mundipharma, Australia

“60 Seconds is enhancing our Sales Force Capabilities by sharing best practices and learning from others in a digital way.

It helps us to quickly align and be bold on key messages that resonates for our customers.

As we transform our Sales Force to better support our customers in a Blended Model, 60 Seconds is a key tool for our Sales Manager to coach and train our people. Our Sales and Marketing Teams in different markets have showcased strong creativity and business mindset to maximize 60 Seconds as critical tool for a new way of working.”

Claudia Adler
Global Brand Lead, Anesthaesia and
Hospital Acute Care, MSD

“The 60 Seconds app has truly changed the way we coach our teams.

We now have the ability to work with our teams remotely, in a timely manner to address any gaps or leverage against any new opportunities.

The platform enables our sales managers and marketers to develop scenarios that are realistic and give an opportunity to our sales force to finetune their interactions with customers through creating believable scripts and subsequent videos that can be reviewed and constructively critiqued by their managers. We have seen the confidence in our team grow by using the app, but also observed newer reps on-boarding more quickly through assets created by more experienced representatives. I very much recommend including the 60 Seconds app as part of the coaching programme for representatives.”

Umesh Patel
New Products Lead

As a Pharma rep, being able to successfully impart a coherent and compelling product narrative, or as an MSL to “articulate the science” memorably…. These are both critical skill sets for enjoying a winning professional interaction with a healthcare professional and being an ambassador for the company you represent.

Practice is a key part of crafting and perfecting good messaging and 60 Seconds is a neat, simple mobile environment

to where our people can rehearse.”

Damian Clarke-Bruce
Head of Marketing
Pharming, USA

“60 Seconds is an enormously innovative tool to help enhance in field coaching by increasing the coaching touchpoints

for managers and delivering greater measurability, frequency and visibility to the coaching process.”

Scott Oehrlein
National Sales Director
Otsuka, USA

“The 60 Seconds coaching app will assist on delivering on our learning vision of creating industry leading salespeople. In an increasingly regulated environment, the app will assist with ensuring our sales team are asking the right questions and delivering the right answers to presented questions.

60Seconds provided a tool our people could use anywhere, anytime to work on their presentation skills, and it has generated hundreds of learning opportunities for our people.

Having seen the lack of progress people make with the traditional face-to-face coaching model, it’s great to find a way of accelerating and getting ROI on our coaching conversations.”

Robin Whiteley
Head of Respiratory
Novartis Australia

“The 60seconds coaching app is an efficient and effective tool that I was able to utilise with my regional team.

It enabled me to keep the “coaching” alive whilst not actually being face to face with each representative.

It allowed me to tailor the coaching specific to each representative, whether it be to focus on marketing strategy, specific messages or components of the sales call model.”

Nicole Johnston
Head of Gene Therapy
Novartis Australia

“I liked the 60seconds app because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

The process of focusing on one aspect at time, writing and refining the script, delivering the message, receiving instant feedback and even being able to view other team members’ feedback, all in one convenient platform makes the 60Seconds app a really effective tool. It’s also a continuation of coaching in between field days and an effective remote coaching tool.”

Dinesh Sharma
Executive Specialist Representative
Novartis Australia