Customer Centricity: Not a Buzz Word But a True Benefit for Sales Reps

Customer centricity, it isn’t simply a buzzword bandied around by the likes of online disruptors like Amazon. Regardless of whether you sell face-to-face or online, a sales experience tailored to the customer isn’t a nice to have, it’s now expected. If you want to compete in the healthcare space and boost your team’s results, you need to think about the experience your sales reps are cultivating in their sales conversations.

Nick Vat founding partner of Audet Magna, a UK-based consultancy firm that specialises in customer centricity and change management explains that “to be truly customer centric you need to understand what your customers value most”. Not based on assumptions, you need to talk and listen to customers to understand what really matters to them. For Vat, the ability to listen and communicate authentically is the most valuable tool in a sales reps arsenal.

While the benefit to customers of being put first is clear, what’s in it for the business? As Vat explains, the benefits are two-fold.

  1. Revenue generating – “Focusing all your energies on just the things customers value is revenue generating, as the more you do, the more they will value you.”
  2. Cost saving – “Equally, when you stop wasting time on the things they don’t value, it’s a cost saving.”

In sales, it’s natural to think that you should devote your attention to exactly this – selling. But if you’re going to adopt a truly customer-centric approach, your focus needs to shift to listening and engaging with customers in authentic conversations.

60 Seconds is a tool designed to help sales reps conduct better conversations. As Vat reiterates, “the best sales reps are the ones who are truly authentic, but also chameleons who can adapt to their environment.” By using the 60 Seconds tool to rehearse how they respond to certain customer questions and discuss products with customer value front of mind, sales reps will strike the balance between authentic conversations, that also support the bottom line.

Using the app to rehearse and replay potential customer conversations, sales reps gain a clear picture of how they come across to customers, where they can improve their conversation skills, and importantly, leave greater air time to simply listen. At the heart of the 60 Seconds platform is greater self-awareness and incremental improvement through sustained practice.

60 seconds is an app your sales team can use to rehearse anywhere, anytime, allowing you to provide coaching and feedback remotely.

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