60 Seconds Debate Make It Count

Are you ready to showcase your debating skills and compete for the $10,000 prize?

Join the 60 Seconds Debate, where you’ll go head to head with other top debaters to deliberate on a hot topic. Don’t miss your chance to shine.

30th September – Entries Close

2nd October – Round 1 Begins

27th October – The Winner Announced


This competition will use the 60 Seconds Coaching App for iPhone or Android.

The format will be a one to one, parliamentary style debate, with each round having an introduction and rebuttal of 90 seconds each.

Debaters will have 2 days to review and submit each part.


The 16 selected participants will be given a 1 year subscription to the 60 Seconds coaching app and compete for the first-place cash prize of $10,000.


This competition is exclusively open to university students with a valid student ID currently residing in Australia or citizens of Australia.


To qualify for Round 1 complete the form below, including a minute video presenting your point of view on any issue you feel passionate about. Click here for some examples.

The best 16 will be notified by email with further instructions.

The deadline for selection is 30th September, 2023

Round 1 – October 2nd to 5th

Quarter Finals – October 9th to 12th

Semi Finals – October 16th to 19th

Final – October 23nd to 27th