The 60 Seconds Mobile App

  1. Set profile picture and performance goals.
  2. Check the home screen for new tasks and feedback.
  3. Start a task using bespoke Script Blocks.
  4. Rehearse talking points using an autocue and voice recording.
  5. Submit Script for feedback.
  6. Deliver your video. Save and compare versions.
  7. Visit the Gallery. Get social!
  8. Broadcast to the entire user group.

The app is designed to be incredibly simple to use. It is ideal for large field force remote rollouts with a simple, clear interface and functionality which encourages practice and private coaching between manager and salesperson. Push notifications keep you up to date with manager coaching and your team’s activity.

The 60 Seconds Manager Dashboard

  1. Team activity overview.
  2. Review submitted Scripts or Videos.
  3. Analytics Table.
  4. Manage Contacts.
  5. Set Tasks.
  6. Gallery.
  7. Email notifications for Managers.
  8. Upload videos to the platform.
The dashboard provides managers and admin with a bird’s eye view into their people’s activity on the app. They can simply and quickly provide feedback on script and video submissions and explore the analytics page to see whose doing what, when they are doing it and how long they are spending.