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Lucy Cornell

Being able to galvanise the audience’s attention and deliver authoritatively requires a great voice. How well is your voice tuned?

Lucy Cornell is an author, speaker, and CEO of The Voice Advisory Group. She has been empowering business leaders globally for twenty years. Lucy is one of 200 Linklater trained voice teachers in the world with extensive academic and practical experience training with voice tutors from Royal Shakespeare Company and as an actor and teacher at Shakespeare and Company (USA). She holds a Masters of Applied Science in Voice Research (USyd) and a BA (UNSW). Lucy has been a specialist speaker for Young President’s Organization (YPO) events globally for ten years. Lucy helps business executives shed light on what a privilege it is to have a voice in the world and begs the question: You have the right to speak. What are you doing with it? Lucy’s corporate clientele range from CEOs and senior executives of blue chip companies such as McKinsey, IBM, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank to politicians, barristers and lawyers. In the Australian media, Lucy Cornell is seen as the go to person on voice for TV, print and radio.

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