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Lyn Pierse

“How important is the way you “come across” to those around you for your career advancement? Behavioural scientists claim it is 70% of our impact…”

Lyn Pierse is the Godmother of Australian Theatresports, Lyn has staged extravaganzas and Theatresports® galas including Celebrity Theatresports®, Cranston Cup, Improvised Shakespeare for NAPCAN, Ridiculous for SIDS, at the Opera House, Enmore, State Theatre, NIDA Playhouse and Adelaide Festival. She has taught a generation of actors, stand ups and teachers including at NIDA for 22 years. As Theatresports® National Coach at Belvoir she pioneered Theatresports® teaching in theatres, universities and schools across the world. She is the author of the widely studied text. Improvisation: the Guide and the director of Improcorp Australia corporate and Improvisation training. www.improvisation.com.au Lyn brings this wealth of experience to the corporate space where she helps professionals to perform at their best, especially in pressure situations. She has coached at KPMG, Alinta Energy, Arthur J Gallagher, Adshel and CBA.

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