Our People

Technology is only half our offering

Customer Success Partners are a critical and singular offering of 60 Seconds to our valued customers. All clients are fully supported by coaches of 20+ years’ experience who understand the industry, the technology and how to drive great customer outcomes.

Every client we engage with has different goals , so we ensure that the app enables a thoroughly produced programme of work, developed in consultation with your senior leadership team.

Each engagement we have incorporates the three pillars:

Practice: agreement on and follow-up of platform users to ensure regular, habitual engagement through structure and content.

Coaching: understanding and execution of complementary remote coaching practices.

Measurement: having clarity on process through concrete numbers and developing evidence-based strategies for the future.

Profile the Customer Success Partners here….

Chris Costandi
Gary Prince
Cameron Elliot
Jose Vieira
Rob Benyon
Carlos Quiros
Steve Minshull
Joaquim De Cunha
Rene Enthoven
Suzy Rollins
Etienne Bourion
Igor Biednyi