60 Seconds: The need, How to ensure successful roll out. The benefits: One frustration that many sales coaches have is the slow progress that they often see in the quality of the sales calls they observe. What representatives say and how they structure their product arguments is a key focus for sales coaches. They provide some advice following a field day and ‘hope’ that the representative will continue to work on the one or 2 things they identify as priorities between field days that could be as much as a month apart. Often , the coach and the representative are unable to point to clear evidence of progress or even that there have been attempts made to make progress by the time the next field day rolls around.

The period between field days should provide ongoing coaching opportunities but there is a need for a vehicle to enable the coach and representative to have ongoing productive dialogue, for the representative to demonstrate skill improvements and for the coach to continue to provide the benefit of their coaching inputs.

The 60 Seconds coaching App fills the void between field days to enable the coach and representative to continue to work on specific skills,. The representative is assigned a task that they can work on in their own time, they can demonstrate their efforts in short videos recorded on their phone for their coach to review and can get feedback from their coach in real time.

The ability to assign tasks to an entire field force is particularly useful when rolling out a new strategy to ensure uniform adherence to that strategy and consistency in messaging.. The Coach , Sales Trainer or Marketing dept can demonstrate ‘ideal’ examples of key product arguments that can be viewed by the field-force as a basis for ongoing coaching.

As with most ‘new’ tools, it is important to ensure that clear expectations are put in place to ensure that the App is used to its full potential. Sometimes it is possible to ignore the new thing in favour of the way things have always been done. The 60 seconds App provides a really useful dashboard that enables coaches to manage their assigned tasks and monitor the level of engagement with those tasks.

I have personally seen significant improvements in applied sales skills and consistency in strategy implementation over the last 3 years of using the App.

Rob Crossan, Former Regional Business Manager, 25 years in Sales Management and Sales Coaching