As an experienced Sales Manager, you pick up quickly where a rep can increase the cut-through of their pitch. But, time constraints and distance rarely allow enough time face to face.

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”

Bill McCartney

60 Seconds provides a mobile coaching environment for your team, to respond to tasks you set around objection-handling, providing insights, sharing a solution or closing a deal.

Data shows us that one task you set generates, on average, 70 minutes of practice. The rep is reluctant to submit inferior material, so they rehearse – out loud – before uploading a video. Then, you can respond to submissions with light-touch  insight and inspiration, as the rep continues to refine, on the run.

4 Steps for Sales Managers


Review, in real time, each team member’s script and video as they are submitted.


Coach them along the way, targeting their weaknesses and building on their strengths.


Benchmark their performance against agreed qualitative goals.


Work with your 60 Seconds partner to develop an ambitious strategy for your people.

60 Seconds Analytics

It has always been difficult to assess the benefits of sales training. The need for effective training is obvious, but measurement of improvement has been opaque.

60 Seconds delivers ground-breaking analytics, around quantitative activity on the platform, and projected qualitative outcomes. How many minutes will a person rehearse before posting?  Which Manager sets the most tasks and who feeds back promptly? How many videos have been reviewed? Which rep’s pitch has the most “likes” and comments?

These data points can be aligned to improving critical sales behaviours: Levels of enthusiasm, telling versus conversational style, product vs client orientation, probing skills, quality of message, customer focus…

For the company, ultimately, the connection is forged between 60 Seconds and selling more, sooner.