60 Seconds is your sales gym and it’s out there, on the road, with you. As a salesperson, you’re too time poor for ineffective training and you want, above all, to achieve target. You should deliver confidently every time.

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses. Behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, well before the dance under the lights.”

Mohammad Ali

You can’t get fit without sweating and you can’t perform better without rehearsing. 60 Seconds data proves that rehearsal improves performance. The app provides a “safe place” for building confident delivery; a private, one-to-one coaching session.

If you’re on the road and stuck for ideas, visit the Gallery in the 60 Seconds app. Here, you can find out who the best is, and why. The Gallery is a secure, social video library with comments, likes and insights, on how to position the business, differentiate your product and respond to tough questions.

For newcomers, the Gallery is a great tool for on-boarding.

The 4 Steps for Salespeople


Work up your script using the company sales building blocks, with input from your manager.


Practise the wording out loud for fluency, then return to the script to edit.


… to camera, review the different versions and submit your favourite for feedback.


Share the best videos in the company Gallery, comment on your team’s performance and borrow from the best in class.