The tyranny of distance in sales training

Faced with a geographically dispersed sales team and limited opportunities to deliver face-to-face training, Novartis Learning and Development Manager, Robin Whiteley introduced 60 Seconds to boost the quality and frequency of coaching conversations in his team.

Initially rolled out to Novartis’ general medicine sales team, Whiteley says 60 Seconds has provided a medium for the 200 sales reps and 25 managers in this team to have more meaningful coaching discussions than was previously possible via phone or email.

“60 Seconds beautifully provided a tool our people could use anywhere, anytime to work on their presentation skills, and it’s generated hundreds of learning opportunities for our people,”

he says.

Not simply a case of managers and reps connecting more often, 60 Seconds has given Novartis’ sales team the tool, and the motivation, to take their professional development into their own hands. Through the app, managers have been able to set their sales reps tasks and pinpoint aspects of their delivery that they need to work on. The reps have then used the app to rehearse, record and replay the delivery of their sales pitch, and once ready, have shared the perfected version with their manager for instant feedback.

“From a manager’s perspective, 60 Seconds has achieved coaching continuity outside of face-to-face sessions. And for the reps, it’s been beneficial to not only get third party feedback, but also to be able to review themselves,” says Whiteley. “We’ve seen a high level of engagement with the tool, particularly amongst the millennials in our workforce. Using technology to communicate is their preference and they’ve really embraced the element of fun and the ability to self-coach.”

Given the size of his team, Whiteley says having a technology that allowed his sales reps to train anywhere appealed immediately. “Having the ability to interact with multiple people in one day, without the financial cost of hosting an event or travelling is excellent.”

“Having seen the lack of progress people make with the traditional face-to-face coaching model, it’s great to find a way of accelerating and getting ROI on our coaching conversations,” says Whiteley. “I’m a passionate believer in the tool and i’m excited to see what it delivers for us this year.”

60 Seconds is a mobile coaching platform that helps users to improve their sales conversations. A training tool that’s accessible anywhere, at any time, 60 Seconds is the solution to costly, ineffective and restrictive face-to-face training sessions.

Why limit your team’s training and development to an annual event when they could be honing their sales skills all of the time. Find out more about 60 Seconds.

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